Eat, Stay, Play, and Explore at Lawrenny Quay Pembrokeshire

Charges for services 2019


Annual Mooring/ Storage (1st March – 28th February): 78p/ft per week
Summer Mooring (1st March – 30th September): £1.00/ft per week
Winter Storage (1st October – 28th February): 71p/ft per week
Mooring up to 2 weeks: £10 a night
Mooring 2 weeks – month (min charge 25ft): £1.75/ft per week
One month (min charge 25ft): £1.62/ft per week
Short stay day time (up to 4 hrs): £5
Crown Estate mooring fees: £1.20 per week (no VAT to be added)
Lift in or out: £3.00/ft
Lift, hold & relaunch: £4.00/ft
Chocking: £35 min
Power-wash below water line (inc. labour): £2.30/ft
Engine in or out: £3.20 per ft of boat length
Mast up or down (owner prep.): £3.20 per ft of boat length
Cradles hire: £6 per week
Labour: £40 per hour
Collection/Delivery to mooring: £30
Use of slipway: £10 per day
Tractor Launch/Recovery: £20 each way
Slip and Store (1st March - 30th Sept.): £520
Slip and Store (Monthly): £100
Overnight Storage: £5
Dinghy (10ft max; 1st March – 30th Sept.): £12 per week/ free to mooring holders
Dinghy (10ft max; 1st Oct – 28th Feb.): £7 per week
Electricity (metered supply): 15p per unit
Petrol and Diesel: pump price

Caravan Site

Caravan Site Rent: £2,500
Touring Caravans: £230 per month / £20 per night
Touring Caravans (without electric): £18 per night


VAT charged at applicable rate, prices subject to change, terms & conditions apply - click here to view.

Payment Terms: Within 14 days of invoice and all outstanding accounts to be settled before vessel leaves our premises.

Brokerage: Any vessel sold whilst in our yard or occupying Lawrenny Quay moorings is subject to a 3% commission on sale price.

Lawrenny Quay boat repairs

Lawrenny Quay boat repairs and achorage